How to write a product requirements document (PRD)

You are leading a product, and you want to develop a new function. You have to tell your team what you have in mind; this is where the PRD will save your life.

What is a PRD?

A product requirements document or PRD summarizes the why, how, and what of the product that you are leading.

Some of the parts that you will find in a PRD are the following:

  • The name of the Product Manager:

It might seem a little too much but is important to keep a record.

  • The name of the team members:

This information will be helpful when you are in the development process. Additionally makes your team feel part of the project.

  • The name of the feature or product

It might seem irrelevant when you are starting the project. But when you are building more features, it will save your life. If you can add a code summary is better.

  • A summary of the context

A summary will help to make a context for everyone in your team and other people that will see the PRD at some point.

  • The goal or objective

The goal will tell why it is relevant and why we should build it. The goal will give purpose to your team.

  • Who are the users

Don’t forget that you are building a feature or a product for someone. You have to make it clear who the user is and how they feel about it. You can add interviews, insights, or powerful phrases so your team can empathize with the customers.

  • The non-goals

It is easy to lose ourselves in the process and the non-goals will remind us what is not the objective or exceeds the scope.

  • The feature flowchart

Here is where we start to make the recipe for what we will be building. We can add mockups and details that will help in the process of user story mapping.

Why is important to write a PRD?

This document helps in different parts of the process of building, launching, and marketing the product.


Some tools.

If you want a tool that can help you to have more organized information, here are four tools that you must take a look at:

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